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Course Description

Wound Care in the Rural Setting
Brian Bucina, DO, FACOS, FACS, CWSP

The Acute Abdomen
Greg Jarrin, MD, FACS

Oral Anticoagulants
Frank Dalichow, MD

Diving Medicine
Jennifer Hall, DO

"Physician, Heal Thyself"
John Marvel, DO 

Anemia Work-up
Elaina Pirruccello, DO 

Fluid Resuscitation: How Far Have We Come?
Joshua Damian, MD

When Animals Attack
Robert Berger, MD, FACS

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
Gary Cornette, DO, FACOI

Evaluation and Treatment of Severe Brain Injury in Children
Susan Haefner, MD, FAAP

Breast Reduction
Jamie Moenster, DO, FACOS, FACS

Dermatologic Surgery Update
Christopher Weyer, DO, FACMS, FAOCD, FAAD

Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Valerie Van Ravenswaay, DO 

Tricks of the Trade
Kimberly Becker, DO, FACEP

Current Concepts in Office Orthopedics
Michael Bagley, DO 

Drug Screens: What, When, Who and Why
Rachel Levitan, MD

AOA/ACGME Merger: Must Knows, Updates, and Results
Geoffrey Comp, DO, FAWM

Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma, Evidenced-Based Care in Pediatrics
Matthew Dunn, MD, BSN, FACP, FAAP

Updated Diagnosis and Treatment for LTBI and TB
Erika Olson, DO

Colonic Volvulus 
Joachim Chino, MD, FACS

Teaching in a Busy Practice
Brandon Abbott, DO, MPH, FAAP

Fractures IN the Knee Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Trauma
Jeffrey Vaughn, DO

Basic Fracture Radiology
Jason LaBrie, DO

Harm Reduction in IV Drug Use
Patrice Zigrossi, MD