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David A Bryman, DO

David Bryman, DO is the acute care medical director at the Northern Arizona VA hospital in Prescott, Arizona. He also works in emergency medicine at the VA hospital in San Diego, California. Prior to working in emergency medicine full time, Dr Bryman was an aviation medical examiner for the FAA and international aviation authorities. He is also certified in obesity medicine and was the obesity medicine association’s past president. Dr. Bryman enjoys teaching medical students, interns and Residents for the UCSD program in San Diego and is looking forward to having residents at the VA hospital in Prescott as well. Dr. Bryman has received numerous awards including; Physician of the year, FAA Safety Counselor of the Year, Commander’s Award for Civil Air Patrol, Ruth Reinhold Award for Aviation Safety and The Tamisiea Award by The Civil Aviation Medical Association for maintaining and improving pilot health.
Dr. Bryman has no disclosures.