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Stacey Sutherland

Ms. Sutherland is the director of Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking (TRUST), an Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network program that provides training, resources, and collaborative engagement to companies and organizations fighting against human trafficking. Ms. Sutherland has dedicated almost a decade of her life to battling modern-day slavery by training thousands of first responders, victim-facing agency staff members, and medical personnel to respond and help victims. She has dedicated much of her career to working with rural communities to build local capacity to serve victims of human trafficking. Ms. Sutherland began her work in the anti-trafficking field by building a rural regional human trafficking program for the Pinal County Attorney’s Office which focused on collaboration between survivors, stakeholders, and community members. In her spare time, she focuses on being the best mom possible to her three kids.

Ms. Sutherland has no disclosures.