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Steven C. Boles, DO


Honor Health

Dr. Steven Boles received his D.O. degree from C.O.M.S. in 1981; interned at Phoenix General Hospital, and then received additional residency training in Internal Medicine.

He was trained in Addiction Medicine at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center in Phoenix, AZ, from April 1999 through August 2000, by C.J. Shaw, M.D., and the nursing staff.

Dr. Boles was initially certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), in 2000, and then recertified in 2008.

He became an ASAM Fellow in April 2008, after 8 years of preparation.

Dr. Boles was in the first group of physicians that were granted Diplomate status by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, in 2009.

He received 2 Board Certifications from the AOBFP:

  • FP in 1992
  • Subspecialty in Addiction in 2022.

He has developed and been privileged to teach an Addiction Medicine Course to 1st & 2nd-year Osteopathic medical students at AZCOM-Midwestern University for the last 24 years. 

He has maintained his practice for over 40 years in Phoenix, AZ., where he is supported by his beautiful wife Natalie, and their 4 adult children.

He has become a dog lover over all this time and has 3 miniature Australian Shepherds.

Dr. Boles has no disclosures.