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Vanessa Templeman

AHCCCS Office of Inspector General

Vanessa Templeman, Inspector General, Office of Inspector General (OIG), is responsible for participation in safeguarding the $18 billion Medicaid Program and other State Programs from internal/external fraud and mismanagement. As the Inspector General, Vanessa Templeman manages a diverse division charged with the responsibility for conducting civil and criminal investigations and investigative audits for all AHCCCS programs involving state and/or federal tax dollars that encompass services delivered by more than 120,000 health care providers to over 2 million AHCCCS members. OIG works closely with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies in the detection, investigation and prosecution of any provider, subcontractor, member, employee or any person involved in fraudulent, abusive or wasteful activity of the program. In addition to its investigations, OIG also issues and collects civil monetary penalties in accordance with Federal and State statutes, rules and regulations.  OIG’s other responsibilities include various program integrity integrations, policy and process developments, and joint liaison efforts with several stakeholders.  Vanessa has over 20 years’ experience in the health care industry spanning both private and government sectors.

Ms. Templeman has no disclosures.